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Be happy!

Pt 2 of Easy Focal Wall Ideas - up on the blog: // #decorating #nyc #insta

Easy Focal Wall Ideas to Make Your Room Pop – Part 2

<p>Remember how last time we talked about how to make your room pop with Part 1 – Easy Focal Wall Ideas?<p>

In case you are having a brain fart and can’t remember or maybe you’re just plain busy as hell to remember what the heck you had for breakfast this morning, then mosey on over here to check out the easy focal wall ideas from part 1.

All caught up?  Good.

Now let’s move on to the rest of the…

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Easy Focal Wall Ideas Part 2 almost up on the blog.

All that’s left is to add some pretty pics. Stay tuned…
#focallwall #InteriorDecorating

Yeah I could’ve just dragged them into the car this morning, but not in the mood to listen to 2 kids crying. So… icepops it is!

Worked like a charm!
#uyoucantwinallthetime #kids #nyc #insta

Hmmm…. these would make some nice wall shelves!
#InteriorDecorating #decorating

So the tears didn’t come on her HS graduation, but I’m for sure going to lose it on move in day!

Can’t believe my baby is heading off to college!
#proudmama #kids #love

Always do the unthinkable!
#quote #motivation

Baby girl lost the fight with sleep. Was going to be late working night for me, but Im giing to join her.

#sometimesabreakisgood #WAHM #workingmom